The New Baroque Soloistsl - Exciting New Music
The New Baroque Soloists offer audiences an exciting new presentation of baroque chamber music, rich in the voices of woodwinds, brass and stringed instruments.  The group offers a varied repertoire, including popular works by well known composers as well as premieres from the group’s proprietary repertoire, compiled through twenty years of research and performance.  

The New Baroque Soloists offer many types of concerts, ranging from formal to informative to casual.  For example, the group can offer works of a single composer, works of national origin, or a mix of music from various composers.  Much of the repertoire is proprietary and unpublished, which makes The New Baroque Soloists truly “new”, as they alone can offer this fantastic music to your audience.

Sample programs include:

All Bach         All TelemannAll Handel
Music of Italy       Music of EnglandMusic of Germany

Popular pieces such as the Bach Air in D, Jesu Joy of a Man's Desiring, the Albinoni Adagio or the Handel Largo are typically incorporated into all performances.

The group also performs special concerts such as the Brandenburg Concerti (Bach), the Four Suites (Bach), Fire and Water (Handel), Tafelmusik (Telemann),  An Evening in the Palace of Reason, Hunting Concerts, Vocal Concerts and the popular Bach Again. 

As all families of instruments are represented in The New Baroque Soloists, and the members are enthusiastic and qualified instructors, the group is ideally suited for residencies and master classes.