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What Others are Saying AboutThe New Baroque Soloists.
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" The program was unerringly stylish - light and dance-like when appropriate, poignant and lyrical when needed - with a fine balance of precision and freedom.  The ensemble and balance, in whatever configuration, were superbly well-honed."

- M. Jennifer Bloxam, Professor of Music, Williams College

"One of the most popular groups we've ever had."
"Phenomenal, brilliant playing."
"Brings in a huge crowd."
-Kristin Sponheim, PhD, (Yale) Concert Presenter

"...superb playing by Joel Pitchon..."

-The New York Times

" The New Baroque Soloists comprise one of the most elegant ensembles in the world. They capture the essence of what baroque music is all about, and are able to bring out the tonal subtleties and color of the first truly great music of this millennium. The ensemble consists typically of strings, brass, harpsichord and organ, winds, and whatever else is needed to render these magnificent compositions perfectly. A trip to their glorious concerts is not to be missed."

- Robert Longley, Board Member, Northwest Music Association,                        The Salisbury Music Festival

"Played with sheer musicianship...beautiful sound."

-The New York Times

"It was an impressively lively, interactive presentation, and the students were mightily impressed....In sum, the New Baroque Soloists gave us their "all" during their two day stay. Our concert audience was delighted, our students were thrilled, and I could not have been more please, both as a musician and as an educator, by the insight and the passion the ensemble brought to visit."

      - M. Jennifer Bloxam, Professor of Music, Williams College
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"...made lively musical sense...ideas connected...sparks flew.  So it went as soloist followed soloistduring the evening."

-Andrew L. Pinkus, The Berkshire Eagle

"...truly awe-inspiring..."

-The Williams Advocate