About The New Baroque Soloists
Could there possibly be anything new and exciting in Chamber Music?
There is -  and we have it!  
The New Baroque Soloists offer audiences an exciting new presentation of baroque chamber music, rich in the voices of woodwinds, brass and stringed instruments.  The group offers a  varied repertoire, including popular works by  well known composers as well as premieres   from the group’s proprietary repertoire,  compiled through twenty years of research  and  performance. 

Twenty years ago, Douglas Myers formed The New Baroque Soloists to showcase the beautiful works of composers such as Bach, Telemann and Handel written for mixed groups with trumpet, oboe, horn, flute and voice, as well as strings.  The New Baroque Soloists performs large scale Chamber Music, the usual size being eight performers.  The instrumentation is flexible, depending on concert selections, and the group performs with as few as five performers and as many as fifteen.  Accordingly, a program typically includes duets, trios, quartets, etc. up to and including the full ensemble providing a diverse and colorful performance in one evening.  The works are performed on the best sounding instruments available, including the unique  ”corno da caccia,” or piccolo French horn and a violins crafted  in 1686 (one year after Bach’s birth) and in 1736 thus providing the best quality sound available to audiences.  The group adheres strictly to the most informed and historically correct performance practices of the Baroque era.

The members of The New Baroque Soloists are gifted artists, and soloists in their own right, as the group name implies.  Drawn from New York City and Boston, they also perform with groups such as Orpheus, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society, the Boston Pops, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  They have served as concertmasters and solo wind players in orchestras in the United States, Europe and Asia.